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A Military Jacket Moment

For this look, I was going for something military inspired. I’ve had this Pea jacket for a while now but I have not had the chance to wear it because it’s been hiding in my closet! But finallly I get to style it. I visited the famous Grand Central station on 42 street to shoot this look and I was surprised to get a few good photos out of the way without tourists obstructing the shoot. Scroll down to see how I put this look together.

The jacket was paired with my baggy tailored pants and white sneakers. I love this look because of how easy it was to put together. The pants are really comfortable and I love how it compliments my Jacket. I added a red fanny pack for a pop of color, With the shades and leather gloves on, I felt like a badass!

Until next time,



Pea Coat: H&M

Leather Gloves: Gap

Fanny Pack: ASOS

Pants: Sacks

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

Shades: Forever 21


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