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Cape Town Diary: Part 1

It has officially been one month since I last posted on my blog, and my only excuse is that I've been living my best life! I honestly must say I really miss blogging every week, because it has always been a fun and creative outlet for me and I'm back for good. If you follow me on instagram you will know I recently visited Cape Town! and for the past one month, I just wanted to enjoy being on vacation without blogging. I did enjoy my time off a whole lot.

Cape Town was really good to me, I don't know where to begin. The weather was a bit chilly on some days but the sun was out. I couldn't get over the beautiful view of the mountains. The food was good and so were the people. Here are some highlights from the first half of my stay!

(All Images were taken and edited on my iPhone)

A view of Table Mountain

De-Waterkant by Metropolis

I was lucky enough to live fairly close to everything, I had a mountain view which was beautiful to wake up to everyday! I loved how homely the apartment was, the interior was part modern and part vintage. There was house keeping every day, which was great. I did a little weekly grocery shopping because I was going to be in the city for almost a month and it would not make sense to eat out everyday. I would absolutely recommend this place for any one!

A view from my apartment

The Balcony

The living room



This is a very popular and historic tourist attraction spot in the city. Bo-Kapp is also known as the Malay Quarter, which was built and sold to slaves who came from mainly Indonesia and other parts of Africa to work in the Cape. Although this Quarters bring back some sad historical memory, I really love how colorful and structurally built they are.

The colorful streets of BO-KAPP


Street art

Prasa Train Viewing/Station

Traveling by train is pretty common in Cape Town, although I didn't get to ride the actual trains. I had to view one of the mock trains outside the station, and it was pretty cool!

Inside the actual train station

Outside view of the station

Mock train

Inside the mock train

Beau Constantia Winery

If you know me, you I know I love wine, this was my very first time going to a winery and it was so worth it. It was such a beautiful winery, although I went on a rainy day, I was still able to enjoy the great view of the farm. I got to taste five different wines made in the winery. It was a lovely experience.

Winery view

One of my favorites from the tasting

Chefs Warehouse

Chefs Warehouse is just downstairs from the winery tasting room, it is a beautiful and really fancy restaurant (so fancy that you have to pay to make a reservation)

This is a place I would recommend if you love to try new food and you feel like you are open to eating anything. But it not, don't! It was a seven course meal but I couldn't get pass the third meal (don't ask)

First course


Cubana is the chill spot to visit during the week, and also a place to go when you want to hit the dance floor on a Friday night. It is not only a restaurant, but a lounge and club (depending on the time of the day you arrive) It was a five minute walk from my apartment, so I defiantly was able to visit more than once. I got to experince what it is like during the day and night.

Cubana menu and drink

The view from outside

Truth Coffeecult

I'm a coffee lover, so I had to it up the coffee shops. l will definitely recommend Truth coffee for the ascetics and good course coffee.

Outside Truth coffee shop


V&A Waterfront

This is a very popular tourist spot, its an all in one destination for whatever you need: shopping, food, roller coaster, boat cruises and helicopter rides.. they have it all.

A glimpse of Waterfront

Shopping mall inside Waterfront

Inside H&m

I got the chance to visit one of the restaurants called City grill, which is a steak house, It was not as good as I expected it to be. But the service and location was great.


Harbor Boat Cruise was another great experience, because I got to see Cape Town from a different view. It was a fun but scary experience (all I could think of was not falling off and drowning, because I can't swim that well lol)

View of some boat resturant

South African Currency: RANDS

Part 2 will be up soon...

Until next time,


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