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My Travel Essentials

Summer is approaching, which means better weather, longer days and vacation time!

I‘m really excited for the upcoming season, because I get to enjoy all the summer activities New York has to offer, but I do love to go somewhere new even If its not out of the country. But for some those of you who love to explore and visit various cities, I have some tips for you.

  • Take a sweater or a light jacket with you!

This is really important because from my experience, planes are always cold as well as the airport. So throw on a sweater with a shore, or put it in your hand bag for when you need them.

  • A laptop/tablet or a book

This is great for when you have those one hour plus wait time and trust me you don’t want to be bored. If you are an avid reader or a movie lover don’t forget to carry one or the other with you!

  • Sunglasses

I always carry sunglasses with me, for fashion of course AND for when I land. For some of us who travel for more than six hours its safe to say, we might look tired. Putting on a pair of shades aside from making you look stylish, helps to cover those tired or baggy eyes. And it might just be really sunny when you get to your destination.

  • A face cap or fedora

Aside from looking stylish with a hat on, some of us might get off the plane and our hair might probably look messy, so take a hat with you and a hair brush to look put together!

  • Wipes/ Hand sanitizer

This is so important to have all the time, but if you are traveling it is essential to always keep your hands clean because the airport is full of germs and so are the planes. In other to prevent yourself from possibly getting sick, throw in some hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes in your purse.

  • A big tote bag

Another essential item for traveling is a big tote or a big backpack. Sometimes we are unable to fit every thing in our hand language and suitcase, A big bag is needed to fit all our essential in like our sweater, books, tablet etc.

  • A good pair of sneakers

Just in case you might be traveling far or have to wait a long time at the airport, it is important that you are comfortable. A good pair of sneakers does come in handy. I know we might want to look fashionable but if your stylish sneakers aren't the most comfortable, then you might want to opt it out for a more comfortable one.

  • Change of clothes

I always have a change of clothes with me when I'm traveling especially on a long fight, because I can be a bit clumsy. One thing I don't like is to look messy, so I make sure I carry a t-shirt in my hand bag to be safe.

That’s it for now guy, if you have any other tips, please comment down below!

Until next time,



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