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A Red Dress Moment

Red is becoming a color that I'm most likely to wear more often now, and I have this particular red dress I'm really loving. It's a stretchy fabric which is a plus for me because I was able to wear it when I gained a lot of weight, it was also a good fit when I lost the weight as well. I was getting lots of complements when I was shooting for this look. I wore this dress two ways because I loved how it looked both ways. I can’t stress how much I love a versatile piece enough and this dress no different. Because the dress is so vibrate, that It makes a statement on its own, I had to pair it with a black buckle heels and a cute little purse for balance. What I also really love about this dress is how the color compliments my skin tone, especially against the sun. It’s a sophisticated look with ruffles which gives the dress a more feminine touch. This outfit is great for many occasions such as on your birthday, dinner outing, even on a chill day with a pair of sneakers..

This dress is actually an off shoulder dress, but because I wanted a different look, I tucked in one side of the dress and raised the other side for a one shoulder look!

Until next time,



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