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A Street Style Moment

I realized I haven't done a street style post on the blog in a while. So, I decided to do something different this time. I wanted a real street vibe look. I had this idea to shoot with my friend Stalin (follow him here) for a while and we finally got the chance to. He is very talented and fun to work with, I would recommend him if you ever want to a shoot in NYC.

The Location

I wanted a more cinematic street style look, so we shot this look in Soho, which was both our idea. I love Soho because of its architecture and style.

The look

I went for a very simple blue sweater and high waisted black skinny jeans, with my favorite pair of boots that elongate my legs. And a pair of square shades to complete the look.


Sweater: H&M

Jeans: Madewell

Belt: Gucci

Boots: 6PM

Bag: Asos

Until next time,


#streetstyle #soho #ootd

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