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Cape Town Diary: Part 2

If you haven't yet had the chance to read part one of my Cape Town Diary, you can do so here.

With that being said lets get into it. Prior to my trip to South Africa, one of my bucket list was to visit a Safari. I didn't care what country but I knew I wanted to have that experience. I'm excited to say that I've checked off that trip from my list. I visited Aquila Safari, which was located 2 hours away from the city. It wasn't really a long drive but I did sleep half way through the trip. When we drove passed the entrance, I got a little nervous for some reason but when I got down the bus I saw a lot of people. It wasn't just a safari, it was a game reserve as well. It was a huge open space with lots of seperate flats and a hall for dining. After lunch, I got on the open vehicle and drove around the wild to see the animals..

(All images were taken and edited on my iPhone)

Aquila Safari

King of the jungle

The ride

Camps bay

One of the highlight of my trip was hitting the beach, because I visited in the winter time, which is about 50 degrees. But lucky for me it was 75 degrees on one faithful day so I took that opportunity to enjoy the sun. Other than enjoying the beautiful sunny weather on that particular day, I had a very successful shoot! which I will share later :)

Green market square

This is the best place to go if you are looking for affordable African antiques, jewelry and clothing.

long Street

Long street is the street that has the nightclubs, local markets and restaurants.


Iziko South African Musuem


My favorite paintings from D-core art & soul design gallery

Artscape Theatre Center

The best restaurant I visited

Birthday dinner at Galbi

Places I didn’t get to explore:

Table Mountain

Lion’s Head

Robbin Island

Until next time,


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