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A Lagos Shoot Moment

Hello! and welcome to my first blog post. Before I jump in, I want to thank you for visiting my website! I would like to also mention that the purpose of my blog is to explore my creative side in writing and fashion as a Model. I will be sharing my first photoshoot of 2019 shoot in my hometown Lagos, Nigeria! Before I left for West Africa, I knew I wanted to shoot for my portfolio. I had a few concepts in mind, But because I was shooting in Nigeria, I wanted to make sure I was wearing something made in Africa. I also had to make sure the location was in sync with my look. I got to work with Blankprintgram (on Instagram). I sent him my mood board and he had the right location in mind. A week after I landed, I was headed to Jakande art market in Lekki for the shoot.

I found this black dashiki with pink graphics of musical instruments on it, which made it perfect for the shoot. What I really love about this look is that it wasn’t the typical dashiki that would pop up on your google search image, It was unique. I paired it with my pink headwrap to go with it and a black thick heel sandals. Along with a traditional beaded bracelet to complete the look!

That’s it for today! let me know what you all think in the comment section.

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Dashiki and head wrap: Lagos Island market

Sandals: Macys

Hair pin worn as Earrings: Asos

Until next time,


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