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What Happened when I took a social media break

If you didn't notice I did take some time off from social media, and it was refreshing.

The reason I took a break was to cool off, sometimes we don't realize how social media affects us mentally. It can be exhausting, especially when you are trying to build your platform.

Here is what actually happened when I took a break....

I was more focused: I didn't know how distracting social media could be (Instagram especially) I would go on instagram and find myself on a random page from just looking at one person's profile. I was spending way more time on the app that I'm suppose to. Truthfully, I would be on instagram even when I'm in the bathroom. Rather than spending 5-7 minutes in the bathroom, it was taking me 30 minutes because I'm looking at comments on the Shaderoom. But during my break, it was taking me less time to finish a simple task, just from not getting distracted from an app.

I slept better: Because I was no longer scrowling through Instagram, I started sleeping two hours earlier than usual. My whole sleeping schedule has changed for the better. I go to bed latest 10:30 pm and I wake up at 5:45 am. Which is great because im getting more sleep and starting my day early. Normally when I wake up, the second thing I do is check my social account, which can take up to 30 minutes of my time.

I had no desire for materialistic things: This was the most surprising thing that happened to me. I didn't realize how much of my spending was caused by what I saw on instagram. I remember looking at maybe a nice bag or something and I would say to myself "I need that big or I need that dress" but in actually I really didn't need it. During my break I didn't for once go on any clothing shopping website to browse or buy anything. Till now I don't feel the need to shop, which has saved me money. I do love clothes but I don't want to have a habit of buying unnecessary piece of items just because it's trending.

It was rejuvenating: Yes, It felt rejuvenating. I felt less pressured to post on my page or my story. It felt really good to not have to do those things. If you have never taken a break from Instagram I strongly encourage you to do so. It was a great experience and if I ever feel the need to take another break I most certainly will because my mental health is very important, and so is yours.

Helpful tip: Try deleting the app if you are tempted to go on social media.

Until next-time,



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