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A staycation is a form of self-care

I am an advocate for self care, I really think it is important to take good care on yourself, and to take a break from this thing called life. I’m not gonna act like I have always taken a break when I should, I do have a bad habit of not knowing when to just relax. But I must say in the past few months, I have taken my mental health more seriously. I have been a bit overwhelmed by absolutely everything going on in my life and I have decided to take a break and just go somewhere to relax for two days. I know some people don't have the luxury of such, but there are other simple ways that you can take a break; like getting off social media, (which I did and wrote about it here) going for long walks, or booking a spa day can help you take your mind off stress.

For my staycation, I booked a hotel with a nice view. During my time there, I ordered some food (I didn't worry about my calories) I just ate good the whole time. I also stayed in bed and watched a few T.V shows. I had some time to write down my thoughts and goals in a journal. I listened to my fav songs, I danced and had what I call some alone time fun! I would say it was expensive but It was absolutely worth it. I think it is very important to always put yourself first, and the best way to do that is to always listen to your body, mind and soul.

Until Next-time,



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