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Fabric Guide For Fall/Winter

As the cold weather approaches, we tend to start layering up more. And there is nothing better than wearing the right fabric for the cold days. Shopping for the right material is very crucial this season, because it’s cold, windy and sometimes snowy. I'm not really a fan of this weather, but that doesn't mean we should not prepare for it. I have listed a few fabrics that are great for fall and winter. Click the images to shop.


Wool is one of the best things to get this season. It's very thick and warm, especially on a chill day at home or to go somewhere casual. Pair it with some sweat pants (at home) or a pair of skinny jeans.


Flannel is really big this season, and I love it. I haven't worn flannel in a while, but I'm adding them back to my wardrobe. They are thick, colorful and sure to keep you warm and stylish.


Now when it comes to your feet, it is very important to keep them warm and dry. I love a good suede boot for men and women. Now don't ignore the suede Uggs boot, they might not be trendy but they come in handy too.


This is another kind of wool but a little bit on the expensive side. But we need to own at least one cashmere sweater, scarf or beanie. They feel very soft and they last for a really long time.


This is one of my favorite fabric of all time! whether it is a leather jacket or boots, they are such a great fall and winter must have. Although leather may not be as warm as a wool, it is a great laying piece. And did I mention I love a good leather Jacket and boot combo!

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