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Finding Inspiration

Sometimes it’s really hard to get inspired or to find inspiration at work and in your free time. I get bored quickly, especially when I'm doing the same thing or having the same exact routine.Which is why is important to switch things up.When you find yourself stuck doing the same old thing, think about trying something new or taking a different approach to whatever it is. It could be trying a different workout routine, different type of food, different social activity, or heck even a different career path.

For me, finding inspiration for my blog can be a bit difficult. Especially right now because I feel the need to switch things up. Here are some important steps to take when you find yourself stuck:

Try not to beat yourself up about it and make sure you tell yourself that it is in fact ok to feel that way. Another approach is to take a mental break from everything that is going on, this way you give yourself the time you need to recover and refocus. And sometimes you can find inspiration from it. It may take sometime, which is fine. Other helpful tips are to surround yourself with people or things who inspire you. For example, if you are an artist, visit a museum. You might be amused by what you may find. If you are a writer, go to the library and pick up something different to read. If you are tired or bored of your job, pick up a hobby and do it on the side, etc. My point here is for whatever reason you may have lost inspiration, try new ways to keep pushing. And always remember that it is okay to get stuck. The most important thing is to find that inspiration once again.

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