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"Abs Are Made In The Kitchen"

Before I get started, if you have not read my previous post on my fitness journey click here. If there is one thing I would want anyone to take away from this post, is that what you eat is more important than exercising. Have you ever heard the saying "abs are made in the kitchen" I know not everyone's goal is to have abs but I'm pretty sure we all want a flat belly, right? For me when I eat greasy fast food, in most cases I feel sluggish. I get what most people call "the Itis" and for me that is not a good feeling. Along with feeling sluggish I also tend to get pimples on my face, and who wants that? So it is safe to say that eating clean is the way to go, even when your goal is not to lose weight. When I started my fitness journey, I meal prepped my lunch and dinner every sunday which I still do, and I was very strict with counting my calories. But honestly I would not advise it, because it can be draining and inaccurate. During this period, I had no cheat days. It was not until I hit a certain point in my journey, did I allow myself to eat whatever I wanted once in a blue. For some people they need it, but for me, I avoided it completely.








These were my four favorite snacks...


For the most part I completely avoided eating out, which at the time (and till today) saved me money.

The truth is, especially in the United States, the rate at which salt Is consumed is ridiculous high, especially in fast food restaurants! So its best to avoid eating out as much as possible.

Fast food: Mcdonalds, Wendy's etc.. they are full of salt, unhealthy fat and oil.

Sugar: I call this one the enemy, because sugar increases your insulin level. Insulin, for those who don't know is the hormone that lowers the level of glucose (sugar) in one blood. Not to get all scientific here, the goal is to reduce our sugar intake, in order for us to minimize our insulin level. When our insulin level is high it affects our ability to lose fat. Fruits were my source of sugar .

White bread/rice/pasta: I substituted them for whole grain/ whole wheat.

Cheese/ whole milk: I realized once I cut out both of them, I was less bloated. Substitute animal milk for almond, cashew or coconut milk. You can also try Feta cheese, if you must have cheese, but I completely cut them out of my diet.

Chips: Potato and corn chips. Substitute them for carrots, almonds, cashew or rice cake.

I hope this helps.

Until next time,


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