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After a month of not blogging, I'm finally back! I started this site a year ago and it's been a fun journey. lately, I have been fully focused on other aspects of my life and I want to give it my full attention. With that being said let's jump right into today’s post.

I'm excited to share these new images I shot with my friend Stalin (see some of our collaborative work here and here) It is different from anything I have shot in the past. I had a different look for my hair: an afro..rather than my usual short hair cut. I was going for an afrocentric look this time and I love the different side of me it brings.

Before every shoot, I love to create a mood board for myself. It allows me to envision how I want to look and the kind of makeup that would go with the outfit. Once I have put together the idea, I go on to try the outfit, makeup and hair. Then I take some test shots at home and If I love the outcome, I go ahead with the shoot. I styled this shoot (just like every other shoot) with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, simple but badass. For a nice contrast, I went for a blue eye shadow to go with the jeans. And for the location, I went for a studio setting because I wanted a calm environment. It was only right to have a clean and white background.

Images By Stalin

Makeup By Maimuna

Styling By Me

These images were not edited.

Until next time,



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