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The Effectiveness Of Working Out

Stress release

A lot of people find going to the gym very therapeutic, including me. It is such a great way to release stress and feel better. There is no particular time of the day that is better to workout, just at convenient time. I prefer going in the morning, it increases my level of energy.

Increase energy level

Speaking of energy, I find it easier to get through the day, especially after a morning workout.

I also feel more organized and more likely to perform my goals for the day.

Eat healthier

(For me at least)

I understand that this may not be the case for a lot of people but I know for me, when I actually find myself in a better shape, I’m motivated to stay on track and make healthier food choices by default.

Because I know that one of the importance of staying in shape is my diet. The rule is 80 percent healthy food and 20 percent of whatever you want to eat, it’s all about balance.

Helpful Tips

Try not to weigh yourself

I know for most people who want to loss weight tend to focus so much on the number on the scale. But the truth is the number on the scale can even increase while you are on a weight loss journey (that's if you are lifting weight of course) so don't feel discouraged because you are actually gaining muscle. On the bright side muscle is more dense And it takes up less space than fat, in return you will appear slimmer.

Try to build muscles to define shape

Instead of focusing on losing weight, think about building strength and muscle. When you have muscle, you will gain tremendous amount of strength and eventually lose fat. And the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn through out the day. Did you know, those who have more muscle are less likely to gain lots of body fat than those who didn't build muscle while trying to lose weight? So don’t forget, strength training is of importance.

Listen to your body

If you feel like you are not able to perform the bare minimum, or you feel like you might have over worked yourself, then you should take a break! There’s no strict rule, it’s all that about how your body feels. I usually give myself a day or two of rest.

Until next time,


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