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Tips for having a relaxed day in

light a scented candle: A relaxing candle can help calm your nerves and help you feel settled.

listen to your favorite genre of music: 80 percent of the time I listen to either hiphop or afrobeat. But when I want to feel relaxed,I turn on some slow jam to get me in the mood.

I recommend adding Sade to your playlist

Write a letter to yourself : This might sound cheesy, but have you really tried to sit down one day and just write? I don't know about you but writing can be therapeutic. Try writing down your goal for the following day or week.

Open a bottle of wine or tea: I happen to love both, but if you don‘t drink, try a cup of tea. They are both relaxing and takes the edge off

I recommend you camomile, ginger or green tea.

Stretch or try yoga: I have a bad habit of not stretching, which is dangerous because I work out constantly. But when I do stretch, I find it very relaxing. Another tip is soaking yourself in some lavender epsom salt for 20 mins. I started doing this about a month ago and it has changed my life!


Until next time,


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