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Favorite Workout Gear

If you follow on Instagram, (if you don't click here) you know I go to the gym consistently and there's nothing better than wearing a good workout fit that makes your feel comfortable. Below, I linked my favorite workout gear and where to get them.

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Nike Revolution 4 Womens Running Shoes

These are my favorite running shoes ever, they are comfortable and light. It feel like I’m running on air. Shop here.

Victoria sport total knockout tights

One of the reasons why I love it is because of how it really hugs my legs in a comfortable way. They are high waisted and they wash really well. Shop here

Workout gloves

I feel like any workout gloves would work perfectly fine. I use mine for weight training and you can find one on Amazon.

Victoria Secret sport bra

This has great support especially if you are running. They are not too tight nor too loose and the straps are adjustable. It also has great padding with great coverage, even for my busty girls. Shop here.

Sweet Sweat

This is the best thing to wear when doing cardio, because it aids in getting you to sweat more around your mid section. This is not a waist trainer and I wouldn't advice anyone to wear them when they aren't working out. You can get it from Amazon as well.

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